We will supply a fully trained cleaner and reduce your risk of employment, ensuring that all the required levies (UIF etc) are paid and the pay rates and benefits are given to the cleaner as per the cleaning sectoral agreement.

How it works:

You can book a cleaner for your business based on:

  1. Ad hoc – payment in advance prior to cleaning.
  2. Contract basis (permanent position) – min one clean pw payable at the end of every month. Price is negotiated based on clients’ needs.

Ad Hoc

We can supply a cleaner on an ad hoc basis due to:

  1. Reliever required due to your cleaner off due to sickness, maternity leave, holiday etc.
  2. Extra cleaning duties due to moving premises, annual clean etc
  3. Specific cleaning project.

We provide the cleaner you provide the cleaning equipment and consumables.


Where the need for cleaner is 3 or more times per week then we provide the cleaner plus the equipment and consumables and use our Ultra Colour Coded Cleaning System This is a 45-point check list cleaning system that ensures a consistent & hygienic level of cleaning service each and every time! Each business is separated into 3 different colour coded areas; we use the corresponding cleaning products and cloths to avoid cross contamination. We ensure continuity of service by supplying a reliever in case of sickness, holiday or absence at no extra charge.

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